Sustainable Tourism

Sustainability is more than just a word and not just a tourism trend to African Kombi Tours. Sustainable tourism is a principle, a lifestyle as well as a long-term commitment to the countries we love, are proud of and find joy in. That is why African Kombi Tours is one of about 130 international tour operators, who joined the sustainable tourism platform forum anders reisen e.V., who have set themselves the goal of moving tourism in the right direction -  responsible, sustainable tourism that improves the world – we are in!

Sustainable tourism describes a kind of tourism, that reduces the negative impact on the economy, culture, and social affairs as well as the environment of a country and at the same time strengthens positive influences. The term "responsible tourism" is also used to describe sustainable tourism. This concept was defined in Cape Town at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development and is found in the Cape Town Declaration. Responsible tourism is focused on making the destinations a better place for the people who live there, but also for those who visit these places. The priority in terms of sustainable tourism is clearly to cater to the needs of the inhabitants first and foremost and not the tourists.

As tour operators, we agree with these objectives and therefore implement various measures:

- We create and maintain local jobs
- We maintain ethical, fair dealings and a fair payment for of all of our local partners.

- We always meet the local people and inhabitants respectfully and convey this to our guests
- We pay attention to prioritise the respecting of human rights
- We pay close attention to social compatibility during our travels
- We support local social projects such as preschool near Cape Town

- We take care of nature and protect species while on tours
- We consider the ecological compatibility of the trips offered

Bearing the above in mind, we are aware that our guests come to Africa to spend a unique and fantastic holiday experience with us. We are also aware that not everyone on holiday wants to be constantly reminded on sustainability , so therefore we take care of these considerations on your behalf! Your experience is not tarnished, contrary to many assumptions - , a sustainable holiday is no less beautiful or impressive than your "normal" average holiday. We believe that we can contribute together in order to ensure that Africa remains a sight to behold and an unforgettable experience for many years and for many generations to come.

Our team is at your disposal for any questions - in advance or during the tour.